“The Secrets of Grasslands II.” Photo Exhibition

“The Secrets of Grasslands II.” Photo Exhibition

The best 30 images of “The Secrets of Grasslands” photo contest are on display from 31 March, 2022. The aim of the exhibition is to bring people closer to the unique animals that live in grasslands. After showcasing the photos in Budapest, from April, the exhibition will tour around the country.

On the last day of March, the photo exhibition was opened during an opening ceremony, featuring the best images of “The Secrets of Grasslands” photo contest, which was announced by the GRASSLAND-HU LIFE integrated project.

The top 30 images were selected from altogether 1165 photographs by a professional jury. (By comparison, in 2021, 603 photos were submitted.)

The theme of 2021 contest was invertebrates in their grassland habitats.

The top 30 pictures can be viewed here: http://www.grasslandlifeip.hu/node/157

Until 24 April, the visitors will have the chance to marvel the photos at the Herman Otto Conference Centre (Address: 190 Nagytétényi Street, Budapest 1223), and the exhibition will be open daily between 9am and 4pm.

Please indicate your intention of visiting the exhibition in advance via phone (+36 30 343 5394) or email (grassland [at] hoi.hu).

From the end of April, the exhibition will go on a tour of various visitor centres of the Grassland-HU LIFE IP partners around the country.

Information on the tour dates and venues is available on our website and on our GRASSLAND Facebook page.

“The secrets of Grasslands” photo contest will be announced again in June 2022, for the third time, with the same aim, showing and promoting of the great wonders and beauty of grasslands habitats and species.