Annual Conference of Mammalogists

Author: 2021. 11. 20. 13:25

The first Annual Conference of Mammalogists will be held by the Hungarian Natural History Museum and the Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Ltd. with the participation of the WWF Hungary in order to raise awareness and to share the novel research results with the general public.

International Saker Falcon Conference and Workshop

Author: 2021. 10. 26. 16:53

Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Ltd., in cooperation with MME/Birdlife Hungary organizes an online internation conference and workshop on the conservation of saker falcon on 1-2 December 2021. The event focuses on the European population, but presentations and e-posters are welcome also from the Asian range of the species. 

First Birch Mouse Born in Captivity

Author: 2021. 09. 06. 11:14

For the first in its history, the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden have welcomed birch mice to its terrariums. In early June, researchers collected two pairs of Hungarian birch mice from the grassland of Borsod County. These mice were taken to the Budapest Zoo, so that the behaviour and lifestyle of these unique animals could be observed. But our goal is more ambitious: establishing a captive population to enable conservation of the species. Let’s take a brief look at why keeping this endangered and highly protected species in terrariums is so important.

“The Secrets of Grasslands II.” Photography Contest

Author: 2021. 06. 21. 15:50

Under GRASSLAND-HU LIFE Integrated Project, Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Ltd., with its project partners, has decided to hold a second photo contest again this year. The aim of this year contest is to draw attention to the importance of conservation of grasslands through the presentation and promotion of grasslands habitats and species, and their high biodiversity values.

National European Hamster Census 2020

Author: 2020. 12. 17. 16:14

In the framework of the GRASSLAND-HU LIFE, under a joint nature conservation action project of the Hungarian Natural History Museum and the Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Ltd., a census was carried out using questionnaires and interviews with the employees of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (HCA) and the National Park Directorates (NPDs) to learn about the status of the European hamster (Cricetus cricetus). The following is a brief summary of the results of the survey.

EU project to conserve Pannonian Steppes

Author: 2019. 10. 04. 13:34

GRASSLAND-HU is the first nature conservation project in Hungary in LIFE Integrated Projects and it is coordinated by Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Ltd. The aim of the project is to restore and enhance Pannonian Steppe grasslands habitats and species – Dr. András Béres, the Executive Director of the Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Ltd., said. It was pointed out at the project opening event and press conference that the project has received nearly HUF 5.5 billion EU funding for an eight-year period.

Aiming to Develop Our Grassland Habitats

Author: 2019. 03. 28. 14:03

It is reassuring to see those people at the conference, whose presence is essential to the success of the project – said Mr. Bertalan Balczó, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment at the opening conference of the GRASSLAND-HU LIFE integrated project at the Herman Ottó Conference Centre.